Saturday, September 02, 2006

IEEE Spectrum Story

Geek Rhythms is featured in Sept'06 issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine. The article was initiated by NPR news story on march 1, 2006, featuring "Geek Dreams" one of the songs in my album.

Overall, I think Tekla Perry, senior editor at the magazine, wrote a very good article. It captures the whole process of making this album, and the challenges in taking an idea to completion, very well . All independent music producers face the same challenges of finding the right production facility, marketing, distribution and an audience who likes the music. For me personally, it has been a learning experience at many levels as well.

One area that the article touches upon is "out sourcing" as in I outsourced my music production. That is not completely accurate. It was matter of finding the right people who were interested in working with me on this experiment of blending rap and engineering . Rikki has lot of experience with music in Engineering schools across India as a member of music band Euphoria and Jasz then was a EE freshman (now a Junior) at Delhi College of Engineering.

Photo shoot with Tim Achibald was a delight. I had lot of concerns about, how I would come across as "the rapper" - because I am not the rapper in my album - Jasz is the rapper. Tim listened to my concerns and explained ideas he had, and we went thru a 2 hr photo shoot with many juxtapositions of business, music and semiconductors. So thanks Tim - look forward to working with you again sometime.