Thursday, March 02, 2006

RLPK Records Releases 3D Animation Video: Enjoy The Ride

March 3, 2006: RLPK Records announces the release of its' much awaited 3D animation music video, based on the hit album Geek Rhythms, a unique mix of engineering and technology lyrics with rap, techno, rhythm and blues, and pop. The first of a series of music videos is based on the single Enjoy The Ride. This music video is an extension of the audio version and seeks to further expand on the vision of making engineering and sciences fun and desirable for our kids today. Helping to promote that message is GK a consummate engineer who loves his field.

The video weaves imagery across circuit board, CPU, transistors, modem, router, computer -terminal. Main setting for the video is the circuit board, which serves to provide a link between the computer terminal outside and the computer chips on it. Scenes move between describing the functioning of transistor and online ordering while showing how a sub-micron transistor is shrinking the world by interconnecting it.

Enjoy The Ride is being released thru online channels of Happi Skratch Inc and is available thru following online services Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Borders and numerous other online channels starting April 4th, 2006. Copies can be pre-ordered thru these online retailers as well as from the RLPK Records website.


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