Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sneak Peek in to My Music Video Enjoy The Ride

Sit back and get ready to Enjoy The Ride !!!

This video expands upon songs in my album Geek Rhythms and brings a visual element to the lyrics. The backdrop for the song is a circuiboard where "astronauts" power up the circuitry and GK pans his lyrics. From thereon the video takes the viewer thru transistors, networks, online experience. This is GK in his natural habitat, his world of intergrated circuits, networks, computers ...

I chose 3-D animation for making the video, because 3D brings a whole new dimension to the art of animation; besides, for me personally, it was fascinating to learn - writing the script, developing story boards, characters, objects, environment, rendering, time sequencing, final compilation. Thanks to Neil Strudwick at Ohlone College, I learned about animation; we met most friday mornings - over most of 2005. By Sept 2005, working together with his students, we completed a short trailer based on the song "Geek Dreams". Due to Neil's time commitment with other projects, we could not complete the whole video.

Subhash Sidhu and his team at Animax-India did a great job in bringing to life, what I had conceived, as a visual rendering of the song "Enjoy The Ride". So I present to you my latest creation "Enjoy The Ride (the journey continues)" which closely reflects what I had wanted to share thru it's audio counterpart.

You can view the trailer at ....

Google video


Download trailer

Windows Media File



and the beat goes on....


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