Sunday, July 10, 2005

Geek Rhythms: Achieves No 1 Album Status

ok. So it's official now, Geek Rhythms has achieved another milestone. It has become the top Hip Hop album on MP3 tunes website.

No. 1 in Hip Hop Category

Notice that top 2 songs are from the album

- Music Score Free Energy
- Enjoy The Ride

No. 44 among All Albums - 31,939 in all.

This is specially heartening since, when I made the cd I had no idea about how to promote and get attention to my music. Over time, it has received both attention and promotion by many different sources in the media. I believe Geek Rap/Music whatever we want to call it, is fast becoming a recognized music style. My music celeberates being smart and being "in the know". It gives us Geeks a way to share fascinating technical realm with people on the outside and is possibly a good motivating force for younger kids to pursue education in technology disciplines.

I have been working on some exciting new projects over last few months and hope to be able to share them with you all soon. Stay tuned....

And the Beat goes on.......


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