Sunday, June 05, 2005

Geek Rhythms: Makes Waves in Technical Publications

As an experiment, Geek Rhythms has done well in getting attention. I believe, it is among the rare music albums which has received attention from mainstream media, music publications as well as technical publications. Over this weekend, I started to look at coverage we have received in technical publications, and the list has been growing well.

Latest article on Geek Rhythms was published in IEEE May 2005 Newsletter with an article

The article follows articles in other technical publications.
  1. Pre Engineering Times (Nov 2004): Cool Engineer of the Month
  2. AICHE NORCAL Chapter (March 2005): Geek Rhythms
  3. Plant Services Magazine (March 2005): Maintenance Gets a New Rap
  4. Chemical Processing (April 2005): Engineers Move to The Beat of a Different Drum
Besides these I am very happy to note that
as did
I am focussing on making music that is fun for technophiles as well as anyone who might enjoy the fusion of learning with music. So far I can say I am "Enjoying The Ride"
and the beat goes on.....