Friday, May 27, 2005

Geek Rhythms and Engineering Video

Geek Rhythms music is part of educational video created by Engineering Education Services Center. Celeste Baine, creator of "Engineers Can Do Anything" DVD is also the award-winning author of "Is There an Engineer Inside You", The Fantastical Engineer, High Tech Hot Shots and six booklets on engineering careers. She is the editor of The Pre-Engineering Times and has spent the past eight years advising students and parents on the challenges and benefits of an engineering degree.

According to Celeste Baine, "One engineer watched this video and said, 'That's right, it was either made by God or an engineer!'" This engineer obviously loves his job! Powered by Geek Rhythms, the video deflects the old pocket-protector stereotype and does a good job showing that engineers improve our life and most likely designed your favorite things. Rest assured that no student will fall asleep during this showing." Right on Celeste.

This DVD is a great introduction to what engineers do and how engineering plays a part in every aspect of our life - improving things, making them safer, better, easier. It also goes through different career possibilities based on interests. My kids, sply my 8 yr old, loved the video both for the fact that it had her dad's music as well as seeing all the cool things that engineers can do.

I recommend you check out the video previews at

And lastly I wanted to mention, stay plugged in, there is more comming this summer......

The beat goes on....