Saturday, April 02, 2005

XXL Magazine: Proof That Geeks Can Make Rap Music Too

So here is the big scoop. We got coverage in XXL magazine May 2005 issue. The article also carries a pic of me and my two daughters in our home in fremont, Ca. Bear Frazer, who wrote the article, is a free lance journalist, and had contacted me in early feb. At that time, news of Geek Rhythms music had just broken out in San Jose Mercury News and was spreading to local papers across the country. So we talked quite a bit through the whole process, written interview questions followed by phone interview and separate written interview questions for my peers and my band back in India. Jasz and Rikki were quite prompt in returning their questionnaires, as were my colleagues from the past Brian Stickney, Alex Wang and Mario Cornejo.

I am quite excited about the XXL magazine coverage. I will see if I can get permission to post the story on my website. Meanwhile, you may have to buy the May 2005 issue to read the article.

Geek Rhythms: So Who Has Been Listening

I wanted to write this post for last couple of weeks now. We have been getting fair amount of press - certainly more than I expected. One of the objectives of my music was to bring some music into technology and some technology terms into lyrics. The reactions have been as wide ranging as people who tuned in. In large part, I believe people did not know what to expect of an audio cd labeled Geek Rhythms. And what about hip hop, rap, techno beat ?

Music purists had their views - rap !, hip hop ! while techno-buffs also added their opinions onto the subject. I summarized some links here that range from appreciative to amused to outright outrage. It is the whole spectrum and I am glad to see it be this wide ranging, as it tells me that a lot of people tuned in. It is not surprising that the ones who liked it are the ones who are engineers or on the way to becomming one, the ones who disliked are the other end. The outrage category is special as most of them did not bother to listen to music and instead focussed on getting personal. It is easy to be a critic when you don't bother with depth.


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