Wednesday, March 09, 2005

RLPK Records Signs Distribution Agreement

More great News !!!

I have signed a distribution agreement with Hapi Skratch Entertainment to expand retail channel availability of Geek Rhythms.

"Online major retail partners where Hapi Skratch products are available include,,,,,,,, and others.

Hapi Skratch currently works closely with Alliance Entertainment(AEC 1stop) for much of it's fulfillment to large online retailers as well as direct to retail accounts around the country. Hapi Skratch also works directly with several independent retailers and has a channel partner relationship for Best Buy, Borders, Musicland, Transworld and more "

Over next 3-4 weeks, Geek Rhythms availability will increase significantly. Ofcourse I am a Happy camper....

and the beat goes on ........

Geek Rhythms Goes Digital

Yipeee!!! Geek Rhythms album is now available on two digital download services

- Apple iTunes
- Virgin Digital

It was Oct'04, when I delivered my cds and Digital Distribution Contract to CD Baby. First it gets in the queue at CD Baby to convert files to each distribution company's format and deliver it to them. Second queue starts with the digital service itself.

There is great thrill in seeing your music show up in search through these services. So now Geek Rhythms is as accessible as say Eminem and U2. It is at once amazing as it is commonplace that a small label like mine can produce, offer music cds and digital downloads, at par with big labels.

and the beat goes on. ...